5 ways to protect your commercial property against weather damage

5 ways to protect your commercial property against weather damage

As a building owner or property manager, the maintenance of your commercial property is near and dear to you. Your property is the first thing that begins the groundwork of building relationships with customers, tenants, and guests. You have worked hard to breathe life into the commercial property, and it should reflect that.

However, while maintenance is at the top of your priorities, the unpredictability of weather conditions can pose some challenges when it comes to keeping your commercial property in top shape. But do not fret! Below is an easy guideline with some tips on how to keep your business environment safe and prepared for whatever mother nature throws its way.

Regularly inspect your commercial property’s exterior

As a significant investment, going to great lengths to maintain the state of your property is vital. Regular inspections should be done with high attentiveness to any potential damage or deterioration of your commercial building. A proper commercial building inspection will reveal the real condition of your property as well as the expenses for repairs. This allows you to fix any issues before they get worse with the impending climate conditions, further preserving your asset.

Check for leaks

There are many factors that can impact your property, but water damage is one of the most common and costliest types of commercial property damage. They account for 48 per cent of insurance claims according to the Canadian Institute of Actuaries, and can cause more than $2 million in losses. Once a pipe bursts, it can cost your business thousands of dollars if left unattended. This can also lead to temporarily closing your business, resulting in lost revenue. Frequently checking for leaks in your facility to fix right away prevents costlier issues arising due to structural damage and the growth of harmful mould.


In the case of an unexpected emergency, repairing property defects like unclear markings that indicate emergency exit routes, damaged surfaces, and cluttered walkways lessens the chances of hazards developing. This improves the safety and efficiency of your property.

Get the right insurance

While the preparation for possible damage is important, there is still a chance that calamity will occur on your property. With the increasing costs of claims for property damage or losses due to severe weather quadrupling over the last decade, it is crucial to obtain and maintain the proper insurance. Getting a suitably devised business insurance policy can help to repair or replace your damaged or destroyed equipment after a covered loss.

Commercial buildings are vulnerable to the effects of a changing climate. It is necessary for building owners and property managers to take the right steps for preparation against potential weather damage, extending the life of the property. Hiring the right professionals goes a long way to help ensure weatherproofing your commercial property is done correctly.