The Importance of Soil Remediation

The Importance of Soil Remediation

Soil remediation serves several purposes – from creating a solid structural base to making land suitable for agriculture.This remediation is done through two main techniques: “in-situ” and “ex-situ.” Soil contamination often occurs from uncontrolled use of farming chemicals and petroleum, or oil spillage, metal dumping, and industrial activities. The need to do soil remediation heightens when population and industrial activity in an area increases as well.

It is by understanding the adverse effects of soil contamination that one can appreciate the importance of soil remediation. Here are some of the benefits of soil remediation.

Creating a Solid Base

The process of site remediation improves on-site materials by creating a stable sub-base and base course. This provides long-term performance benefits as it reduces maintenance costs in the future. Every site is different and will require a customized remediation process, so make sure to allow for a proper assessment.

Preventing Water Pollution

Water is a resource on our planet that is necessary for all forms of life. Human beings and animals cannot survive without water. Contaminated water is a serious health risk. When soil gets contaminated, soil erosion carries the contaminated soil into the water supply. Soil remediation minimizes the risk of water pollution.

Making Land Suitable For Agriculture

The more the contamination in the soil, the lower an agricultural yield, and the greater threat of food contamination. Many countries around the world are facing food insecurity. By making land arable through soil remediation, the global food basket is increased, and unnecessary starvation deaths are significantly minimized.

Preventing Soil Erosion

Soil erosion is a major contributor to soil degradation. One of the factors that facilitate soil erosion is improper agricultural practices, such as over-usage of fertilizers. With soil remediation, the intensity of harmful fertilizer effects are reduced, and consequently, soil erosion becomes a thing of the past.

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