Spring is here: How to revive commercial properties from the effects of winter

Spring is here: How to revive commercial properties from the effects of winter

The spring season has officially begun, bringing a host of new opportunities for property managers. With the chill of winter drifting away, owners can take advantage of this time for some spring cleaning and maintenance to prepare for the warmer months and keep their assets in top condition. As temperatures continue to rise, a commitment to safe reliable grounds that meets the needs of every season is crucial for commercial property managers.

Following the end of winter, it is not uncommon for properties to have sustained some damage. The seasonal damages ensue when cold temperatures, snow, ice, and salt causes cracks in the foundation, parking lots, walkways, and patios.

Taking proper care of your commercial property with a complete inspection routine protects your workers and visitors from potential hazards. As severe weather cost Canadian businesses $3.1 billion last year, it is important to prevent any incurred damages from worsening and maintaining a safe environment to preserve your investments.

To prepare for comfort and safety in the warmer months ahead, below are 5 spring cleaning tips for maintenance.

Check property for winter damage

After months of snowfall and ice, it is very likely for commercial properties to have fell victim to some corrosion.

The unavoidable freeze-thaw cycle breaks down the integrity of surfaces over time, as freezing water expands into cracks and then melts to create moisture. It is important to use this time to carefully evaluate the physical conditions of your entire property to get ahead of any needed repairs. This allows you to keep the property safe and optimize on the value of your business.

Remove hazardous debris

Ice, snow, shovelling, and plowing can leave quite the aftermath on your property that isn’t visible until the period of thawing. Proactively removing any debris and dangerous materials from the site lowers the risk of injury while maintaining a trustworthy image to guests and clients.

The appearance of the premises goes a long way when it comes to business performance. An unkept property can be perceived as a neglected business, which can tarnish the overall reputation of the company. A property that maintains its appeal, reflects safety, and serves tenants well works to improve the value of the business.

Repair cracked/unsafe parking lots

Parking lots are usually the first area seen and entered by the public. Neglecting to maintain them can present a variety of safety risks to local drivers and pedestrians. Due to the elements of winter, asphalt surfaces may not have held up well during the cold months, making their repairs a top priority to avoid tenant/visitor vehicle damage.

Water drainage and irrigation systems

The impacts of water can seriously damage your property. Poor water drainage and irrigation failures can cause severe damages as it affects the health and safety of the property, with issues ranging from tripping hazards to flooding. To protect the integrity of your commercial property, it is very important to routinely check on these systems i.e. catch basins, to avoid the cumulative risk of any drainage issues overtime.

Update list of contractors

It is beneficial for owners to maintain an up-to-date list of specialists to help with your property inspections and repairs, including paving and construction specialists. With experts on hand, property owners can better resolve any issues found on their site to ensure everything is in working order for smooth operations.

Spring cleaning is important for commercial properties to recover from the effects of winter and prepare them for the changes the warm weather brings. By being proactive with its maintenance with the right specialists, property managers and owners can sleep well at night knowing they’ve prioritized the safety and professionalism of their property to safeguard their investments.