Signs your parking lot needs replacement

Signs your parking lot needs replacement

Parking lots often require maintenance and repair when needed, due to prolonged use and unexpected damages. With Canada’s freezing temperatures and humid summers, this can heavily impact the state and life expectancy of your parking lot. Our buildings see customers, vehicles and trucks entering and leaving our lots every day, which over time can contribute to asphalt damages. In that case, here are some signs your parking lot maybe need replacement.

Improper drainage

If your parking lot has excessive pooling and improper drainage after a rainfall or snowmelt, it is a sign your lot needs replacement. Proper levelling and functional catch basins are essential to ensure proper drainage in your parking lot to prevent water from staying on the surface.
Whether it is repairing, resurfacing or a complete replacement, this step is crucial to prevent your asphalt from worsening.

Asphalt cracks

Cracks in asphalt arise over time after extreme weather conditions and prolong use. Oil, gas, de-icing salt and even water can penetrate the surface and cause cracks and expansion in your parking lot. Longer, wider or deeper cracks indicate more extreme damage, therefore depending on the size of the cracks, your asphalt may require a repair and/or replacement.


Potholes are common signs your parking lot requires repairing. When a crack begins to form, it usually leads to a pothole when not repaired immediately; this is caused by expansion and contraction underneath the surface which leads to material breakdown. Potholes can deepen and expand from excessive use over a long period of time and weather conditions. When it starts to become a safety issue for vehicles and customers, it is proof that your asphalt and parking lot needs to be replaced.

Overall, these are four signs and indications that your parking lot may need to be replaced or repaired. These tips can help you look out for any damage signs while improving the look and maintenance of your lot and asphalt. For expert repair and replacement, visit Fort York Paving for your parking lot needs here