Reducing the risk of careless drivers in retail parking lots

Reducing the risk of careless drivers in retail parking lots

Distracted drivers and impatient shoppers can pave the way for accidents in retail parking lots. For retailers, everything from fender-benders, property collisions, and pedestrian injuries can stir up significant legal and financial penalties.

Who’s at fault in a parking lot accident? The answer will vary depending on the incident; however, by taking steps to create a safer driving environment, retail parking lot owners can better protect themselves in the case of a premise liability lawsuit.

Traffic calming measures such as speed bumps are perhaps the most impactful way to deter dangerous vehicle activity. Designed to control the flow of traffic and give motorists a physical reminder to drive slow, they curb the risk of accidents and provide peace of mind for both retail tenants and their customers.

Are you considering a speed bump to enhance safety in your lot? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Location counts: Speed bumps are most effective when installed at turning points or close to the exits and entrances of a commercial parking lot. They can also be effective midway through long stretches of road in order to deter motorists from speeding. In all cases, they serve as a visual and tactile reminder for motorists to stay alert and keep an eye for pedestrians.
  • Property protection: In addition to promoting safe driving, speed bumps can be used to discourage drivers from using your lot as a shortcut or alternative route. Doing so mitigates wear and tear on your lot and reduces the risk of accidents due to volume.
  • How slow will you go? Speed bumps are rated based on their ability to slow vehicles down to specific speeds under normal circumstances. Ask a professional what might work best for your lot based on lot activity, prior incidents, and your own concerns.
  • Built to last: When professionally installed, speed bumps won’t budge. At Fort York Paving, our process includes grinding out the pavement to keep speed bumps firmly embedded and easy to maintain. This makes them resilient against severe road impacts or snowplow damage during the long Canadian winters.

Speed bumps may not be the first thing you notice in a lot, but they certainly make an impact. Learn about your options for enhancing safety and mitigating liabilities by contacting Fort York Paving.