Most paving companies don’t excavate. We do. We make our clients’ work easier. With a complete, full-service team, Fort York Paving negates the need to deal with numerous contractors.

Need soil remediation? We’ll remove contaminated soil and send it to a facility for recycling. We also work closely with consultants to limit the burden of project management on you.

Need to create or enlarge a parking lot? We’ll remove the topsoil and leave you with a freshly paved parking lot ready for business.

Need to find the leak in a broken water main? We’ll dig any hour, any day to find the break and remedy it as quickly as possible (see our 24-hour emergency service section for more detail). Before we dig, we work with locators, assess the work area, and get the job done.

The Importance of Soil Remediation
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Soil Remidiation Services Canada