Retaining walls can reduce liability and, in some cases, increase parking capacity.

retaining wall

Retaining walls are essential to stabilize slopes at different elevations and provide your tenants and their customers with added safety. Without retaining walls, there is an increased chance of liability, should someone slip and fall, or drive off a slope.

In addition to adding safety, retaining walls can also add more parking spaces to a lot. For example, in places where there is an adjacent hill to a neighbouring property, a retaining wall can be used to partially eliminate the hill, allowing for a larger parking area.

For those with an existing retaining wall that has been damaged, we will not only repair the wall, but Fort York Paving will also complete a full assessment of the existing structure to help avoid any of the above issues in the future.

Proper drainage behind the wall is one critical factor we consider in the assessment. Improper drainage leads to more pressure on the structure, which compromises the strength of the wall. Once that happens, it will be that much easier to damage the wall again, and a consistent flow of repair bills will be likely.

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