Catch basins are an essential part of a drainage system. They serve to collect water runoff and act as a junction with the storm drain system.

Without adequate drainage, water will pool in depressed areas and seep into unmaintained cracks around the catch basin, eventually compromising the base of your asphalt, as well as the catch basin structure itself.

Whether a catch basin is built out of rings, pre-cast concrete, or brick and mortar, when these blocks or bricks deteriorate the structure is no longer secure. Add the pressure from heavy and frequent traffic and freezing water to the equation. This wear-and-tear on catch basins can cause them to sink, raise, or collapse: a scenario that is a hazard for tenants/customers and their vehicles. It needs to be addressed right away.

Catch basins often need adjustment or repair. Sometimes, a new installation is required. Fort York Paving works as a team to assess individual needs and create a cohesive maintenance plan.

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