Getting your commercial property ready for the summer – maintenance checklist

Getting your commercial property ready for the summer – maintenance checklist

The summer season is finally here, which means it’s time to have some fun in the sun! But for commercial property owners, that fun entails performing a seasonal maintenance checkup to ensure your business continues to run smoothly.

Now is the time to be proactive, instead of reactive towards any potential problems that may arise as you get your property ready for the summer. Follow this checklist to help keep your commercial property in top condition this summer so you can better serve your customers, employees, and community.


It’s important to start cleaning up any debris that clutter your yard so you can maintain the outdoor space of your business to ensure presentability. This adds to the welcoming feel of the property, and its safety as any potential hazards in walking areas are removed.

Roof inspection

Hot summers can be very problematic for commercial roofing systems. The combination of humidity and heat with intense sunshine leads to the breakdown of the roof’s integrity. This can lead to further damages if they’re not checked and appropriately maintained, becoming costly issues to fix as they grow worse. Regular maintenance is important for roofing systems to keep your building in top shape.


With warmer weather comes more people spending time outside. It’s vital to ensure your outdoor lighting systems are operational to improve your property’s safety and security.

Surface inspection

Double-checking the exterior of your building and its surroundings (i.e., patios, decks, sidewalks, etc.) is always a good idea to guarantee your property’s safety. Some key things to look for include cracks, holes, discolouration; essentially any issues that show signs of needed surface repair.

Pest control

Pests are often a common problem during summer months. Having them present on your property can both deter visitors and damage its structural integrity. Inspect your property for any rodents, insects, and other invaders, calling the necessary professionals to have them removed.

HVAC maintenance

Keeping all occupants comfortable and cool during summer months is an important matter, one that can be achieved with an HVAC system in good working condition. Overtime, HVAC systems can become clogged with debris and dust, affecting its efficiency. Make sure your HVAC system is properly maintained to keep it at its top performance level when it’s needed most.

Clean gutters

Remove any leaves, trash, or other debris that made its way into your gutter during rainy summer days. This helps to prevents any water blockage affecting your commercial building and causing water damage or mold growth.

Keep your commercial property on top of things this summer by taking the time to do vital upkeep. Now’s a better time than ever to ensure your property looks and operates its best.