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When you need long-lasting asphalt for your commercial property in Markham, your investment is in good hands with Fort York Paving. We are proud of our 30+ years’ experience providing commercial paving to Markham and central/southern Ontario.

Pavement Requirements

A good surface demands the right tools, professionalism, and expertise of the paving contractor — and proper construction. Fort York Paving has a team of reliable paving specialists to build a strong foundation for any concrete or asphalt surface. We also offer a comprehensive maintenance plan to keep your asphalt long-lasting.

Since pavement performance relies on good engineering decisions, you can rely on our experience (three+ decades in the business). We pride ourselves on our ability to provide quality commercial paving services to Markham and the GTA. We don’t complete a project and walk away; we offer regular monitoring and maintenance to ensure the quality of our work exceeds every client’s expectations.

Full Service Paving Company

Fort York Paving is built on providing excellent commercial paving services in Markham, including asphalt installation, repairs, replacement, and much more. We go to work with a professional commitment to provide each client a cost-effective and time-efficient paving solution. Every service we provide starts with a thorough assessment of your walkways, drive, and parking lot to ensure effective repair or installation.

24-Hour Emergency Service

Consider us your crisis management team who is available around the clock to serve your commercial paving emergencies in Markham. Let Fort York Paving help you reduce capital expenditures with a proper pavement assessment and our long-term, comprehensive maintenance plan. Call us at (905) 851-1160.