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24 hr emegency service

Blocking off a hazardous area is an extremely urgent situation for you, your tenants and their customers. As part of our 24-hour emergency service, Fort York Paving will come immediately and block off the compromised area for you. From there, we’ll assess the situation and provide you with solutions just as quickly.


fort york paving servicesHow do you know a catch basin has collapsed? Sinkholes. Either adjacent to the catch basin itself or in other areas away from the catch basin, sinkholes are evidence that water seepage has caused erosion. Whether in the structure itself or in the pipes leading to or away from the basin, the stone base is no longer secure.

Why is it an urgent matter? Liability. If you don’t take action quickly to remedy the collapsed basin, your tenants and their patrons are put in danger. Whether they stumble into the sinkhole and injure themselves, or drive their vehicle into the sinkhole, the end result is harmful.

Ultimately, it is always better to be proactive with parking lot maintenance than reactive to untimely emergencies, especially when it concerns the safety and convenience of your tenants and their customers.