Being proactive is more cost-efficient than being reactive.

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Every property is different. In order to maximize the life of your asphalt parking lot, we recommend a comprehensive maintenance plan based on an assessment of your property’s specific needs.

Here’s how it works:

Step One: Pavement Assessment

First, an onsite assessment is conducted at each facility. Careful consideration is given to areas with automotive and pedestrian traffic flow, entrances and exits, drainage, islands, delivery zones, and dumpsters. Depressions, rutting, cracking by type and severity, potholes, and saw cut repairs are also noted. We provide pictures and detailed maps for each client.

Step Two: Consultation and Understanding the Failure Mechanism

This phase identifies the pavement condition of each section noted above. The pavement condition could be due to poor design or lack of maintenance. However, it can also result from excessive sprinkler use, traffic, salting, snow plow damage, or poor drainage. Next, our recommended repairs are ranked from the most to least cost-effective repair. For example, repairs in high traffic areas (regardless of severity) should take priority over fixing a defect in an isolated area.

Step Three: Building your Maintenance Plan

Now that we have isolated all of the problem areas and maintenance alternatives, it is now possible to develop our rehabilitation strategies. Whether our strategy is preventative, structural, or just comes down to timing, we can determine future pavement conditions and associated costs to reach our desired outcome. These strategies are further adapted according to your goals and available funding, which will be unique to each property.

Step Four: Putting our Maintenance Plan Into Action

In this phase, work schedules are produced, and priorities and budgets are set. Pavement maintenance and rehabilitation procedures are then performed as scheduled.

Step Five: Monitoring Effectiveness

Once our Maintenance Plan is in place and operating, we monitor the condition of the work on an annual basis to verify if rehabilitation strategies are producing predicted results. At any point during the plan, strategies can be adjusted to meet specific needs.

The condition of the pavement will vary and will certainly require different types of maintenance and rehabilitation approaches. Applicable solutions range from minor routine maintenance to total reconstruction depending on the condition of the pavement.

Contact Fort York Paving and let us help you build your asphalt maintenance plan.