asphalt services

asphalt services

Asphalt paving gets worn and damaged by weather, freeze and thaw cycles, constant traffic, weight and load, and poor drainage. Without proper maintenance, anyone who comes onto your property will deal with the consequences of cracks in the driveway or parking lot. If you notice signs of deterioration in your asphalt, consult professionals to address the issue(s) as soon as possible. Immediate action reduces the risk of vehicle damage, large holes, or complete asphalt replacement. For quality asphalt repair in Toronto, call Fort York Paving. We employ a team of capable paving and construction specialists who will provide cost-effective solutions for your issues. We:

  • have over 30 years of experience in the industry
  • value the input of our clients
  • provide excellent service by making necessary repairs
  • get the job done right

To avoid risk of vehicle damage or costly overhauls, call Fort York Paving. If you see the following signs of deterioration, call us for asphalt repair on your Toronto property:


Factors local weather and climate changes, water seepage, oxidation, and substandard initial construction can cause cracks to form. For many reasons, cracks can appear in a variety of patterns including:

  • alligator cracks
  • slippage
  • edge cracks
  • reflective cracking

Request repairs immediately. The smallest cracks may seem insignificant. Left unattended, they will gradually grow deeper and wider, endangering the integrity of the asphalt.


Potholes are the result of slippage cracks left unsealed. They can be caused by heavy traffic, weakness in the foundation, or ice in the asphalt melting and collapsing into a void. Potholes pose a danger to both vehicles and pedestrians and should be dealt with right away.


Depressions or grooves are symptoms of rutting. The result of subpar construction or sub-soil issues, deep ruts can cause vehicles to hydroplane, leading to accidents, damage to vehicles, and injuries. We recommend repair for cracks that are more than 1/3 of an inch deep.

Water Pooling

Water pooling on your asphalt can be a sign of drainage problems. These “puddles” should not be ignored as they can cause substantial water damage, threatening the integrity of your asphalt. Moisture can seep into the asphalt and ultimately break down its binding agents. Eliminate the risk of crack and pothole formation by having the surface levelled by experts.


Discolouration (stains or fading) may seem like minor issues compared to rutting or potholes, but should not be ignored. Stains are usually caused by harsh chemicals like oil, transmission fluid, and industrial solvents. These liquids are corrosive and can cause asphalt failure, leading to cracks and other paving problems. Fading of the asphalt results from constant exposure to sunlight, frequent traffic, and (basically) aging. Asphalt becomes brittle as it ages, making it more susceptible to cracking and rutting. Fort York Paving repairs surfaces with:

Crack Sealing

Cracks spread across the surface and penetrate deeper into the asphalt. Sealing is the first step in proper asphalt maintenance. Filling the first signs of cracking prevents further damage. Yearly maintenance will negate the need for costly repairs and prolong the surface’s life expectancy.


Resurfacing is done to protect your surfaces from damage caused by unsealed (or improperly sealed cracks), drainage issues, and rutting. It is a cost-efficient way to extend the lifespan of your asphalt. Resurfacing involves the levelling of low or uneven surfaces, correcting the drainage structures, and other steps that may be necessary depending on the condition of the area. Fort York Paving and our excellent team of specialists are committed to providing quality asphalt repair for Toronto commercial spaces, using only superior materials and the proper equipment. We offer short-term remedies and will work with you to formulate a comprehensive maintenance program that protects your investment. We also provide 24 hour emergency services for issues that need immediate attention. Consult with our team to determine the best approach to repairing and restoring your paved surfaces. Email us at or dial (905) 851-1160.