Resurfacing ServicesDamage to paving can seriously harm a business in more ways than one. Cracked or broken asphalt makes your property look unappealing, turning off potential clients. Call Fort York Paving to solve your surface woes.

Parking lots (and other surfaces) rife with potholes, cracks, and unexpected height changes are unsafe for both people and vehicles. If you know you have damage on your property and leave it alone, you may be liable for any resulting personal injury or car damage. Cracks and potholes create weakness in a surface. Water can enter, widening openings and rendering an entire paving area useless.

When you notice cracks, don’t try to fix them yourself. Contact our professional team at Fort York Paving. We provide quality repairs for asphalt damage. It’s important to get repairs done right away to minimize further issues and extend the life of your paving. We work closely with our clients to provide emergency asphalt repair in Mississauga. With our expertise, you can expect:

  • High quality service and materials for lasting repairs
  • Comprehensive building plans to reduce overall costs
  • Emergency services to assess damage and take immediate action

If you see signs of damage on your property, call for asphalt repair in Mississauga before the damage gets worse.

  • Cracks – As asphalt and concrete age, they naturally develop some cracks. Cracks can manifest themselves in different forms, including “alligator,” “longitudinal,” or “spider web.” If caught early, small cracks can be easily filled or sealed.
  • Potholes – Driveway and parking lot potholes are an eyesore for both employees and customers/clients. They can result from water erosion creating a void under the surface. Pressure on the surface weakens the area until it forms a depression. If left untreated, potholes can damage vehicles and harm pedestrians. Water collects in potholes, further weakening the asphalt.
  • Warping – Repeated use and the weight of vehicles may warp asphalt, deforming the paving. Warping and buckling can also result from damage to the foundation. Warping could create depressions, allowing rainwater to collect, offering an other opportunity for degradation.
  • Crumbling – Asphalt paving lacking edge protection is prone to crumbling. The resulting debris may fall into cracks and expand them when the temperature changes.

Repair options may include resealing paving while it remains in fairly good condition. Done early enough, repairing asphalt helps preserve it from future damage, which can necessitate replacement of an entire driveway or parking lot. Avoid this cost and inconvenience by calling Fort York Paving for asphalt repair in Mississauga.

We offer a broad range of services, including asphalt paving, line painting, and speed bump installation. Our team provides cost-effective solutions. Contact us at (905) 851-1160 or drop us a line at; we’re happy to serve you.