toronto asphalt

Toronto businesses and commercial properties requiring asphalt paving have a professional team ready at Fort York Paving to help. We have the necessary professionalism and experience to do the job.

If you have a big project like a driveway or alleyway, or want a base for large waste bins outside your building, you might think you can easily do “smaller projects” yourself. The trouble is, asphalt needs attention and maintenance or it has to be completely removed and replaced. How you do you preserve asphalt?

Asphalt Maintenance

If you currently have concrete or asphalt paving at your Toronto business or condominium, Fort York Paving will properly maintain it. The challenge with these foundations is that as the pavement ages, the base needs maintenance.

The extreme weather we experience in Toronto affects asphalt paving. The amount of use – and the way you use your surface can create problems.  Poor drainage adds the the difficulty with surface maintenance. When thin, hairline cracks appear, spread, and deepen, it’s likely the asphalt will need wholesale replacement. Even if you resurface the area, water will eventually seep into cracks and holes, causing further deterioration.

Save Money and Prevent Disaster

A damaged asphalt base is cause for alarm and can be a liability. Tiny issues worsen, creating new costs and challenges for any property or business owner. Fort York Paving specializes in maintenance and asphalt paving for Toronto customers. Protect your base and have the peace of mind an ongoing maintenance plan provides. The financial gains come from preventing costly damage and endangering those who work on or visit your location.

Fort York Paving can handle your paving needs in the GTA. As a professional team with over 30 years’ experience, we offer quality, long-lasting work. Feel free to call (905) 851-1160 or email us at